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Short and Long-Term Storage

If you are 'between places' due to settlement dates, renovations, or long-term travel; whatever the reason, we offer affordable and safe storage solutions that work for your budget, as well as your belongings.

Whether you are storing a little or a lot, for short or long-term, our storage services are both convenient and affordable. With us, you get the added benefit of booking both your furniture removal and storage through one company, who can professionally load, wrap and pack your belongings.

Our experienced removalists and warehousing staff know how to safely prepare and load your belongings into storage. There will be no guesswork about how large your storage bay needs to be; we will handle all that for you.

Short & Long Term Storage

Whether you require storage for days, weeks or months, our storage solutions are simple, safe and affordable.

No Public Access

Rest assured, your belongings are securely stored, with no public access allowed.

For All Your Removal Needs

We keep it simple. Benefit from dealing with us from pickup, through storage, to final delivery.

Prices and Bookings for Storage

Rates for storage are based on the amount of space required for your items. We will calculate your total volume when you get a furniture removal quote from us and rates for storage will be included in your quotation.

When you are ready to move into your new home simply give us a call on or send us an email and we will deliver your belongings to you.