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What is backloading?

Backloading refers to sharing truck space between clients to make sure that all available space is used, and no money is wasted. By making use of all available space you reduce the amount of fuel, time and other resources needed, ensuring that you get the best rate.

How Interstate Backloading Saves You Money

Many interstate removalists will charge you for the use of an entire removal truck, whether you need that much space or not.

For small to medium size furniture removals, many removalists will inflate their rates just to ensure that their trip is worthwhile. For larger jobs that don't entirely fill their trucks, they'll charge for the use of the entire truck, even though there is still unused space. Wasted space is one of the biggest expenses that a removalist can have. And it is avoidable. That's why we charge everyone less and make sure that our trucks are full.

If your removal is larger, the cost will be subsidised by the smaller jobs, and vice versa. Our interstate backloads will save you money.

Loading 7 Days

Our backload removalists are loading 7 days a week. No surcharge for weekends.

Small & Large Backloads

Backloading saves everyone money. We love jobs of all shapes and sizes!

The Support You Need

With extended office hours, our team will be there to support you throughout your move.

Daily Interstate Backloading Services

We specialise in interstate backloading. Our removalists are loading every day between over 7000 locations across Australia, and we are ALWAYS looking for top ups and return loading. This means that we can offer highly discounted rates to all of our clients. All of the time.

Our interstate backloading removalists are seeking backloads between: